Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter, Winter, Go Away

I am so tired of winter. We are ALL so tired of winter. After 2 snowstorms just 3 days apart our front yard had so much snow that it went up to the top of the fence. Not really conducive to playing outside. Then the temps dropped to way below 0 for days.

The last couple of days were beautiful, almost 50 degrees, highly unheard of in February in the frozen nothern Adirondacks. It was a spring tease, but I made the most of it and got out for a walk with the boys. The sun was shining and, even though it was super windy, we all enjoyed the fresh air.

You would think that after living here my whole life, minus one year spent in NC, I would be used to how long and cold our winters are, but I'm not. I never will be. I hate them. HATE THEM!!! I long to live where it's warm enough for a light jacket or sweater in the winter. Where, if it snows, it's not often, much or stays around long.

I'm tired of giant snowbanks making it difficult to get out of my driveway without near collisions everyday for months, tired of bundling up the kids just to go to a store because it's frigid, tired of waiting for spring and summer, that are so short it's almost like they never came.

Time to start some serious work on the hubby to go south, or west, or anywhere.