Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Came and Went

Without much of a fuss even. Each year I am amazed at how fast Christmas is over. You would think that at almost 34 I would be used to it, well I am not. It's always sad when it's time to take down the decorations (I usually do it around New Year's). We didn't do much this year. It seemed like there was always someone sick. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was my turn. YUCK!

So I watched Christmas movies with scenes of fabulous holiday parties and now my plan is to someday own a big house where I can host a big Christmas party. Wouldn't that be so much fun!!??

Elliot wasn't real interested in opening gifts, but he sure did love some of them! His big Tonka dump truck and Fisher Price basketball hoop were among the most popular to him. I love his Scout and I think, in time he will too!! I got a new camera (well, it was an early present, Tony gave it to me in the beginning of December) and I love it. I got some sweaters, books and pj's. Tony got new dishes, a remote car starter, satellite radio in his truck (an early present from me and I pay for yearly) and lots of Yankee stuff. And Elvis got a Loofa Dog that's about twice the size of him...he loves his Loofas!
Some pics of the day...

Christmas Eve

With 1 of 3 riding toys
In Daddy's Yankee Wastebasket
Among his "a few" new things (that caterpillar in the background is awesome too!)
Elvis with his giant dog.
With his Tonka truck

Showing his cousin how to use the basketball hoop

They were waiting for the food to come out.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Came to Town

Saturday Santa came to our little town for a visit. He arrived on a firetruck to see all the kiddies and even some doggies. Elliot wasn't fazed in the least...Elvis, on the other hand, was.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Polka Dots Everywhere

It seems polka dots are a hit theme for 1st birthdays. I was reading a post on a blog I follow and the mommy did a polka dot theme for her little guy. We are also doing a polka dot theme in blue. Here is the shirt and hat I ordered a few weeks ago for Elliot. I can't wait. Now to find matching decorations.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Days

First, let me say, I LOVE my new camera. It was an early Christmas present from Tony and it is sooo much better than my old Kodak. The pictures on the last post were taken after it got dark with only Christmas lights on and on auto setting. With the Kodak you wouldn't have been able to see anything.

We finally got some snow. Not much, but since we are supposed to get 8-12 inches tonight and the snow sticks around here until April, we didn't need a ton yet! I took Elliot out to play in it. He loved it. He was so funny eating the snow off his suit.

Elvis also loves to play in the snow. And trying to catch snowballs. He gets very confused when they land and he can't find them. Poor doggie.

Tree Stand

I don't know where time keep going, but it is running away from me. I can't believe in just a couple of weeks it will be Christmas and in a week later Elliot will be 1. I haven't been blogging much, or reading others :( because time just won't stand still for just a minute for me to breathe and catch up on all my fun things. Work has been crazy, Elliot seems to feel the need to learn as much new stuff as possible before he turns 1 and he's had a sudden and large growth spurt so I have to pull out all his clothes for the next size up. I thought he would follow tradition and were 12 months until he was 13 months, but no luck.

So to catch up on us...Tony decided to sell trees this year. Out of our front yard. I admit that I didn't think it would fly and that most of the trees would still be in our yard come Christmas, but he has sold about 50 trees in one week. Only 4 trees left! I think Elliot helped out with all his cuteness...see for yourself!

Friday, November 20, 2009

5 in a Row

I will start by saying the 3 steps in a row I mentioned last post were totally by accident. Elliot had no idea what he just did. He was just so excited to get an animal on the couch that he just went for it.

That said, the 5 in a row he took tonight we VERY intentional and he won't stop practicing. They were very careful and calculated steps. I will count them as his first steps. All evening has been practice, practice, practice. I'm sure it won't be long now before my baby is a full fledged, walking toddler. I am so sad. He is supposed to be a baby still. It just didn't last long least not for me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm a Bad Blog Mommy

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. It just seems like time is flying by and I can't keep up.

Elliot is growing so fast and I often look at him and wonder where my baby went. He is almost walking, taking single steps and then tonight he took 3 in a row. I'm not ready. I told him if he starts walking before his first birthday he's grounded. He laughed at me. I think he might walk before the year is out, therefore before his first birthday. He loves walking holding on to my hand (just one hand), he laughs the whole time.

Elvis is doing alright. He did have a pretty ugly seizure over the weekend. He had a big one last Thanksgiving night. I believe turkey is the cause. Tony disagrees, but whenever Elvis eats a good amount of real turkey (off the bird, not deli meat) he has a seizure. I don't think it's coinincidence.

On the plus side, I only have one more person left on my Christmas list. Of course, it's Tony, the absolute hardest person, but I think I know what I am getting him this year. Now I just have to buy it.

Giveaway Blogs

I try alot. I've won once...Elliot got some cute shoes! And as much as I would love to win more things, I love the idea of giving someone else that little bit of excitement and happiness, like I felt, when they see that email that says...YOU ARE A WINNER!!!

I wonder what it takes to do a giveaway blog??

In the meantime...I'll keep trying for that next email and bit of excitement for myself!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fevers and the Flu

Things have been a little hectic this weekend. Both Elliot and Tony have been sick. I think Elliot has a stomach bug. He had a fever from Friday until today and he hasn't been into eating solids much, except Cheerios and applesauce. Luckily, he has been taking his bottles and water fine. He had a little diarrhea also.

Tony has a nasty cough and generally feels like total crap. And he's been a bigger baby than Elliot.

I am totally exhausted since Elliot hasn't slept well at night. He has taken good naps, but I couldn't take a nap each time he did. I am just hoping that I don't get anything they had, although with my luck with illnesses I will get both at the same time. So, it's night 3 of sleeping on the couch...keeping as far from Tony's germs as I can since I HAVE to be around Elliot's.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I swear I made this post already, but somehow it never made it to the blog.

We did take Elliot and Elvis out to a pumpkin patch on Columbus Day. It was a little during the wagon ride, but Elliot loved the bumpy ride. He bounced right along with the wagon and "sang" the whole time. Elvis, however, wasn't quite as thrilled about all the bumps. He hid between Daddy's legs.
Elliot thought the pumpkins were sooo cool. And Daddy, who wasn't too happy about going to begin with, went on a search to find THE perfect Elliot-sized pumpkin. I kept hearing him yell from the patch "I found it! No, that's not it." Until he finally found it and came running back (yes-running) yelling, "This is it! This is the one!" It was rather cute.

Mommy, the kids and the pumpkins

Daddy, the kids and the pumpkins

Elliot with his favorite big pumpkin

Daddy on the hunt

Family Pic - our only one

Scaredy pug

Elliot with his Elliot-sized pumpkin

It has a curly "tail" just like Elvis!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Days

I had to do some raking today and Elliot decided to help.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Season is Upon Us

Cold season that is. Elliot got one Wednesday, I got it Thursday and Tony got it Friday. I had to leave work on Thursday so that means I only worked 2 days last week. Everytime I think someone is getting better it seems to start all over. UGH!

I am living in a runny nose, sore throat, body aching, non sleeping world right now. And I just love fighting a 9 month old while trying to suck snot out of his nose so he can breathe better. Such fun!

The weather has been crap. Cold, rain, cold, snow, rain, cold...I think you see where this is going. The weather also sucked during my brother's visit so we didn't get to do much, but we did get in some quality time! He and his girlfriend had some practice baby time....

I miss them already :( I really hate that I only get to see my brother about once a year. Maybe I should go back down to NC so I can see him more ;)
I am hoping to take Elliot to get pumpkins today or tomorrow (that's right, no work on Monday. I love those little holidays!) if the weather is decent. Must go disinfect some toys now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy Days

I forgot to mention Elliot's stats last time...
At 9 months he is:

20 lbs. 14 ozs. (57th Percentile)
29 in. (76th Percentile)

He used to be equal with height and weight and now is considered tall and lean. But still has really big cheeks!

Things have been a bit crazy the last few days. My brother and his girlfriend are up visiting from NC and staying with us. Gives Elliot lots of attention, but makes him very tired also. They brought their dog, Daisy so Elvis has a playmate visiting too. As much as I am happy to not be going to work, I will be glad when things get back to normal on Wednesday.

And a new milestone...Elliot started standing on his own!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 Months

My baby bug is 9 months old. (Well, yesterday he turned 9 months.) I just can't believe it. He's been on the outside as long as he was inside. Where has time gone? It's flying by. The nine months of pregnancy seemed to last forever, but these last nine months have gone by way too fast for my liking.

I have to go get ready for my last day of work for the week. My brother and his girlfriend will be here tomorrow and are FINALLY going to get to meet Elliot. I am so excited.

Elliot at 9 months

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I won a blog giveaway for Elliot!!! Because of this fabulous person, who decided to share how she kept winning some awesome stuff with her blog Mommy Loves Giveaways, I found Baby Loving Mama.

This wonderful person had a giveaway for Pediped shoes. I entered, thinking nothing of it after. While checking my email today I was deleting a bunch of junk. One email I clicked to delete that I thought was junk caught my eye. It said that I won a giveaway. So I checked it quickly and found out I won some cool shoes for Elliot!! I couldn't believe I almost deleted that email and lost out on the shoes.

So....these are the shoes I picked for Elliot. I think they are sooo cute.

I can't wait to get them!!

And just because...some pics of my little guy!

Watching TV (I know, bad Mommy)

Socks are YUMMY!

Such a happy boy.
Elliot's top teeth...

Elliot's bottom teeth.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Guess what I did this weekend??? Spent way too much money...on Elliot. We went clothes shopping for Elliot to get some stuff for now (we don't have enough clothes that he can wear now without having to do laundry his laundry every 4 days, UGH) and the next size up. This kid should be set until he needs summer clothes. I AM NOT BUYING ANYMORE CLOTHES.

Except pj's. I didn't get enough pj's. I am a pj lover, how did I not get enough pj's???? He only has 6 pairs for 9-12 and 5 for 12-18. Not even a week's worth. That is not enough, especially if he leaks and needs to be changed during the night. But I will probably go in search of some used ones. Later, maybe next month. The thought of spending another penny on baby clothes makes me want to crawl into a whole. I don't want to spend another penny on ANYTHING. I don't want to balance my checkbook. I think all my extra money is gone.

Plus, Tony was supposed to buy and he didn't. He did give me $50 and spent $50, but he told me Saturday that he was going to buy it all because I paid for the last shopping excursion ($175) for the 9-12 month clothes. Ok, doing the math....I still spent $170 this time??? How the hell did that happen????

Now, I am upset. This is why he took Elliot out of the store to feed him and conveniently got back just after I paid. He owes me!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Word

Elliot said his first word this evening. He crawled to my feet, looked up and said "Mama." I was so surprised and asked "Did you just say mama?" and he did it again!!! I picked him up, did a little happy dance and yelled "You said Mama!!" He looked at me like, what's the deal lady? LOL!

I wish I could get it on camera. Hearing that little word come out of his mouth is sooooo cute!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Teeth in Two Days

Someday I'll learn that I know nothing about teething. I don't know the signs half the time and my guesses are totally off. I didn't think that last top tooth we could barely see was coming for awhile. However, I discovered tonight that it came through sometime today. WTH??? That's 2 teeth in the last 2 days. This time I really think that's it for awhile, but who knows. I can't get a good look at his bottom gums to see if there is anything else there.

So that's 6 teeth in all, 2 on bottom, 4 on top. I can't wait until they are all the way in and he has that cute toothy grin. I do miss the gummy smiles, but am excited for the next stage of cuteness!!!

Oh, and I broke my wireless mouse. Dropped it in some water and now the roller doesn't work. I hate having to click the side bar and drag it down to see the rest of the page. Now off to order a new mouse. This is will be my 3rd one in a year.


I am thankful for holidays. They give me extra time with Elliot. I always miss him so much while I am at work. The weekends always seem to fly right by. I am so happy to have today with him too. (Plus only 4 days at work this week isn't bad either!)

Yesterday was awful. Probably one of our worst days yet. Elliot had been up most of the night because his next tooth was coming through. That crazy middle one made it's break. YAY! But that meant both Tony and I got little sleep. Not good since we have both been sick. So we spent the day alternating naps, both napping when Elliot did, waiting for the internet guy (ours hasn't been working) and trying not to get Elliot sick. I think we succeeded in that.

So far, today has been better. Elliot is enjoying a breakfast of toast and bananas and I am having toast and coffee. Then we will both take a little morning nap (that darn dog snored in my ear all night so I am still a little tired) and who knows what we will do today. Just being able to spend it with Elliot instead of at work is good enough for me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Been Skipped.

Tooth #4 FINALLY broke through. But it isn't his other top middle tooth like I expected. It's the one next to that. So Elliot will have a big space between 2 teeth until that crazy middle one, that's taking it's own sweet time, comes through.

I have been looking at 2 other teeth, just on the brink of arrival, for weeks now. I just wish they would come through so we could all go back to nights full of sleep.

Why do these things take so long??

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clothes and Toys

I went shopping for Elliot yesterday. I found a Carter's about 1.5 hours away, knew they were having a good sale (50% off almost everything) and had a coupon. So I headed on a little road trip to buy, what I hope, will be Elliot's fall/winter wardrobe. Now that I have time to sit and think about it, I'm not sure it will last until spring. IF he can were his 6-9 month clothes a couple more months we might be good. But that means he can't do much growing in that time. Or he has to grow slow between until spring because I only bought 12 month stuff. I think I should have gotten some 18 month stuff too. I put a 9 month Carter outfit on him and it fit perfectly. Crap. This kid is costing us too much money in clothes! On the plus side, I don't buy a ton of clothes just for this reason. He doesn't wear them long enough so I try to get as much wear out of the ones we have.

Looks like clothes will be on his Christmas and birthday lists!

While there I discovered that there was a Toys R Us just down the road. Poor Elliot, he doesn't have much for toys. Mostly because I refused to buy any until he was interested. So he has just a few toys and was becoming bored. So I went and bought a few things. This is his favorite right now. He played with it in the cart the whole time. Although I'm sure it won't make him stop coming after mommy's laptop.

I was finally able to find the Nuby sippy cups. They have come highly recommended as a beginning sippy. I have tried so many others and Elliot is not the least bit interested...until these. He is actually trying to drink from them. He just needs to figure out that he has to tip the cup up and he'll have it!

I also found one of the toys I wanted to get him for Christmas. It was the cheapest price I've seen it at too. In fact, everything I looked at was cheaper there. I am quite shocked because my experience with Toys R Us is that everything is usually more expensive. So this is what I got. I figure it can replace his jumperoo when he gets too big for it. He loves to bounce!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Dog Ate It

No, not my homework, he ate my lunch. I went to switch over some laundry and Tony was at the table with Elliot. He got up for one second and Elvis took the opportunity to get up on the chair and steal the half of my sandwich that was left. And he didn't even do it well. He ate bread, lettuce and only some of the wonderful Boar's Head turkey. Look dog, if you are going to steal my sandwich so I can't eat it, you'd better not waste that expensive meat!!

That was only part of my terrific day. Elliot got up early, I spilled an entire mug of hot coffee on myself and the kitchen floor at 6am, Tony put the coffee covered clothes into the dryer on high heat without telling me and set the stain into my favorite summer pjs, my lunch got eaten, Elliot wouldn't nap all day and screamed if I tried to put him down. I'm exhausted, didn't get to nap and was so hoping for a nap today, and will probably not stay up long enough to watch the chick flick I got for tonight once Tony was at work and Elliot was in bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Push Toy?

Perhaps I should get Elliot one, so he won't have to push this all around the floor.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tooth 3

Elliot's third tooth broke through today. YAY! Not sure when 4, 5 and 6 will make it, but I hope soon! Now it's off to bed for this very tired mommy...I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very early morning again. :(

Teething, Part 3, 4, 5 and 6.

That's right. There are 4 teeth coming in right now. All at different stages, all on top. Could it be why Elliot got up at 5 yesterday morning and 3 this morning? I am so tired and have a horrible headache now. Of course work doesn't help the headache either, that's why I am taking a break to post this blog.

Back to the teeth. I knew there was ONE top one coming in. It's been noticable for about 4 days now. But when I went to check the progress of it I thought I saw more. So, against his will, I checked Elliot's gums closely and sure enough...THREE more on top. Nothing new on the bottom yet...thankfully.

Elliot also stood on his own this morning. Just like it was nothing. He was standing playing with his activity table and leaning on it. Then he just stood up straight. Again, I had to do a double take because I didn't believe he wasn't leaning on the table. Nope, there was a definite gap between him and the table. Then he just looked at me like "What Mom, I am a big boy now. Didn't you know?" and went back to playing. It's all happening so fast! Make him slow down!!!

And, just because....some pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With the Good You Get the Bad

This weekend was a mix of things. Saturday, Elliot, Elvis and I headed out to a flea market about a half hour away with my sister and mother. It was hot. I usually don't complain about the heat especially since this summer has been cold and rainy, BUT....the dog was super hot and wanted to be carried (yah, it's like having another baby!) and Elliot was hot in his stroller and got really cranky. Our 2 other companions seemed to move at the speed of a turtle. I know I always go faster than most people, but really...must you look at every little trinket from every old lady??? Luckily I drove separately because at one point Elliot just started crying and screaming and Elvis planted his feet and wouldn't go any further, so I took them to the car and headed home.

That afternoon, after Daddy joined the waking world, we all went to Uncle Paul's and played in the pool for awhile. Because Elliot's room was so hot, he never took a good nap. He zonked out at 7pm. I knew I was in for an early morning so I went to bed early, but tossed and turned until midnight, then the dog woke me every half hour. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep.

Sunday came at 5am with a SCREAMING baby. He cried until 6:30. Nothing worked to stop his crying for longer than 5 minutes, he wouldn't eat, wouldn't play. He was so loud I think he may have waken the entire neighborhood. Not sure if that top tooth that's coming in was bothering him or what. Finally at 6:30 he ate and was fine. It was like he never shed a tear. He took his morning nap and we headed off to the beach. Lots of dirt was eaten and fun was had. Again his room was hot so his afternoon nap was short, very short. So off to Uncle Paul's pool again. Everyone cooled off and was much happier.

Then Monday came and the fun was over. Back to work. Blech. Which is where I am this fine Tuesday morning, so I will have to update with pics when I get home!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Cute Shoes!

These are totally cute shoes. I need to measure Elliot's foot in the morning so I can order some for fall and winter outings to keep his feet warmer...we only use socks on cooler days right now. You also need to head over to Baby Goodbuys and enter the giveaway for a pair. See their button on the side!


Finally, some real summer weather up here!!! We've had nice walks, outside playtime, pool time, it's been fantastic. Today at the pool, Tony dunked Elliot for the first time. He didn't seem to hate it, but he didn't seem to like it either...he didn't seem fazed at all. I hope that's a good thing. I really hate being under water and I don't want Elliot to be afraid or hate it too.

Elliot is pulling up like a champ. He is also trying to stand. It's so cute. He'll pull up on the activity table, really slowly let go and then grab ahold real fast. He is also trying to cruise along the couch. He just about has that down. It's all happening way too fast for me. I didn't think any of this would have happened for few more months. I wonder if he'll be an early walker or just stay at this point for awhile?

I think tooth #3 is coming soon. This time I mean it. It looks like one is coming down and getting ready to break through. One side of his top gums looks like a bump. He won't keep his fingers or anything else out of his mouth and his sleep is all screwy. These top ones seem worse than his bottom 2. They just appeared out of nowhere.

Elvis has been having a good time too...he loves swim times. And we're thinking of going to a Pug meet up this fall. There's a parade, gala and other events. Looks like fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm So Sad

I had a fantastic day with both my boys. The weather was terrific, sunny and hot, so after Elliot's morning nap I packed everyone up and we went swimming. Elvis just loves to swim. Then we went to visit Grandma B (my mom) at her office and made the rounds. After some loving (for both) and biscuits for Elvis, we took a walk down Main St. and went to Elvis's favorite store. It's a pet boutique and they sell the cutest stuff. After some more loving and biscuits (it was all about Elvis here) we headed back to the car.

Then it was lunch time, play time and nap time (for Elliot and Elvis). I used that time to install a convertible car seat in Tony's truck. (No more infant seat, it's bittersweet.) Then Elliot got up, we had some more playtime, dinner and took Elvis out for his evening exercise.

Back home, more playtime, bottle, book and off to bed. Then I made some asparagus for Elliot, cleaned the kitchen, straightened up the living room and dining room and now it's time for bed for me.

How I wish I could do it all over again tomorrow, but I must go to work. I am so sad thinking about it. At least there's only 3 more days until the weekend!

And just because.....

Elliot's toys...

What he would rather play with...

I Don't Want to Work

After 3 days off, allowing for an extra day with Elliot, I found it extremely hard to go to work yesterday. Since he was born all I have wanted was to be able to stay home with him. I know we can't afford it and we are lucky that Tony works nights bartending and can care for him during the day so Elliot isn't in day care (huge money saver) but I still want to be the one home. I feel like I miss so much and I don't get enough time with him.

Thankfully, Tony just headed off to NYC for 2 days to see the Yankees play and the sitter lined up couldn't do today after all, so I took another day off to be with Elliot!!!! The sitter will be here tomorrow, like every Wednesday, so I will be back to work.

Tomorrow is going to be sooooo hard. Maybe we can win the lottery soon and I can stay home!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Padded Room, Anyone??

I want a padded room in my house. One where I can put Elliot and not have to worry about him falling down. People are going to think I do bad things to my baby with all the bruises he's getting. In 24 hours I think he has fallen about as many times, if not more. The only time he wasn't falling was while he was sleeping.

Since the other night when he pulled up for the first time he hasn't stopped. Anything he can crawl to, he tries to pull up on. Then lets go and tries to stand. This kid is making me crazy. He wants to do everything NOW. There is no adjusting to the "new" thing he's doing, because he moves right on to something else. I really don't need a baby that walks this early. Or else I will need that padded room!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Missed It :(

I only looked away for a second.

Elliot was sitting on the floor next to his activity table. I am positive he was sitting. I looked away for just a second, I swear. Then I heard him giggle. I turned to see what he thought was so funny and he was STANDING at his table. He pulled himself up for the first time and no one saw it. :( We knew it was coming soon (hence the mattress dropping last weekend) but I was hoping one of us would see it. Oh well, he'll do it many more times.

He just started crawling in the last couple of weeks. Can't he take a break between milestones?????????


Our microwave died last night, just quit. Unfortunately, I live in an area where the closest place to get a new one is an hour away. Fortunately, I took today off so Tony could go to a golf tournament. Then I found out the my sister, who lives in this city an hour away, was off today too. So I packed up Elliot and Elvis and made a day out of the trip.

I went to visit my sister so the "kids" all had a playdate...Elliot with his 4 year old cousin Wyatt and Elvis with my sister's dogs Molly, a yellow lab and Stella, a beagle mix. We were there for about 3 hours and everyone had a good time. Then it was off to Target to get a microwave and a couple other things and KFC to pick up dinner.

Not what was originally planned for my extra day with Elliot, but somethings just happen. The weather wasn't cooperating for my orginal plan anyway, and while I have a list of things that need to be done around the house, this was more fun!

I will leave the list until next Tuesday, when I will be off again while Tony goes to NYC to a Yankees game. It's supposed to be a rainy, thunderstorm day then anyway.

Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot, Elliot had Cheerios for the first time this morning and LOVED them. He is getting so good at getting food into his mouth and chewing that we are starting to transition to table food. I loved making his baby food, but will enjoy having the space back in our freezer. I have to make a batch, so this time I am mashing and dicing food then freezing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Know Nothing

At least when it comes to teething. I was so sure Elliot's top 2 teeth were on their way, but they have not shown themselves. That means my early morning waking theory is incorrect. Between him waking up screaming at night and waking early in the morning, I am very tired. I need a nice long nap.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I did it. I waited as long as I could. It was a milestone I didn't want to hit.

I had to move the mattress in Elliot's crib down.

When I went to get him from his morning nap he was sitting up trying to stand and I knew it was time. I kept saying, "I'll do it next weekend." Well, it's next weekend :( I makes me kind of sad, like my little baby is growing up. So, now he is in what we are affectionately refering to as "Baby Jail". Well, because he looks like he's in jail. I have to put the bumper back on.

So after dropping the mattress I have decided I want to rearrange Elliot's room. It's not a very big room so there isn't much in it, but I don't like the set up anymore.

Elliot is standing these days, only while holding something, but still. He just started crawling less than a week ago and now is trying his hardest to stand and walk.

See these yummy looking cupcakes? They taste even better than they look, if that's possible. A girl I went to school with makes them and sells them at various Farmer's Markets in the area. There are all kinds of flavors, Peanut Butter Cup, Creamsicle, S'mores, The "Hostess" (that would be the missing one -my treat after a day of cleaning!-and the one above it!) and more. I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all. If I keep heading to the Farmer's Market, I'm going to weight more than I did when I gave birth to Elliot!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

Now that crawling is in full swing, so are the bumps and bruises. Elliot decided to crawl over the bottom "shelf" part of our coffee table last night, but couldn't quite make it onto it and smashed his face on the edge. I have never heard him cry so hard, I felt horrible.

To top it off, I had twisted my ankle pretty bad while out on our daily walk and it really hurt. My brain said "Run to Elliot" and I did, twisting it again and falling to the floor almost on top of the poor kid.

So he was crying, I was trying not to, and Tony was trying to figure out who to check on first. Elvis just sat there looking at us like we were all fools.

In the end, Tony consoled Elliot, I iced my ankle (which still hurts and is swollen...a trip to the doctor may be in order) and Elvis went to bed.

Aaaaahhh, and it's just the beginning!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tiring Times Ahead

Elliot is crawling all over the place. It's all he wants to do. Right up until bedtime. He was so tired, but had to keep going so he took breaks. It was pretty cute. See for yourself.

Oh, and his 2 top teeth are coming in so he's been up early for the past few days. I think they will break through tomorrow. They are so close. I hope so anyway. I would really love to sleep past 5 am!

So, my tired baby is in bed early and I am going to relax a little and head to bed early myself.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Spot

Elliot was up early again. So I checked his gums. I saw a white spot on his upper gums. Could this be a sign that the tooth is coming soon? I hear that it could be, but since I didn't know Elliot's teething signs for his first 2 teeth I have no idea if these spots were there. I didn't know there was a tooth until he bit my finger.

Oh, and right this very second, Elliot is trying to pull up. He can do it on us, but now he's practicing with a chair. Would someone please tell my baby to stay a baby a little longer? He's not even officially 7 months yet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Blues and Milestones

This is what my weekday mornings look like. Elliot sits in my lap and plays. Makes it really hard to go to work. Especially on Mondays. I seriously considered calling in sick today so I could stay home with my little guy!

I think we may be seeing tooth #3 soon. Before each of the other 2 teeth appeared, Elliot didn't eat well, got up really early and his naps were all screwy. Well, he didn't eat well yesterday or today, got up really early today and his naps have been screwy for 2 days. I guess we'll see if my theory is correct in the next day or two. I hope it's not another tooth. That would be 3 in 2 weeks.

Today Elliot started to crawl, officially. He's been scooting backwards and sideways, but today he went forward, ALOT. Of course, when I tried to get it on video he got lazy and only army crawled. But I think that counts too!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trail Walk

We headed out on the trail again today. This time Elvis joined us. He did quite well, considering he is terribly out of shape. He trucked along, stopping for sniff breaks. Then he decided to cool off in the stream/brook (whatever you want to call it!). He also tried to bring a stick much larger than himself home with him...we "lost" it on the way though.

Walking the trail
Cooling Off
With the Big Stick
Here's a pic where you can see the pocket on my new sling...I just LOVE this thing!