Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm a Bad Blog Mommy

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. It just seems like time is flying by and I can't keep up.

Elliot is growing so fast and I often look at him and wonder where my baby went. He is almost walking, taking single steps and then tonight he took 3 in a row. I'm not ready. I told him if he starts walking before his first birthday he's grounded. He laughed at me. I think he might walk before the year is out, therefore before his first birthday. He loves walking holding on to my hand (just one hand), he laughs the whole time.

Elvis is doing alright. He did have a pretty ugly seizure over the weekend. He had a big one last Thanksgiving night. I believe turkey is the cause. Tony disagrees, but whenever Elvis eats a good amount of real turkey (off the bird, not deli meat) he has a seizure. I don't think it's coinincidence.

On the plus side, I only have one more person left on my Christmas list. Of course, it's Tony, the absolute hardest person, but I think I know what I am getting him this year. Now I just have to buy it.

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