Thursday, September 24, 2009


I won a blog giveaway for Elliot!!! Because of this fabulous person, who decided to share how she kept winning some awesome stuff with her blog Mommy Loves Giveaways, I found Baby Loving Mama.

This wonderful person had a giveaway for Pediped shoes. I entered, thinking nothing of it after. While checking my email today I was deleting a bunch of junk. One email I clicked to delete that I thought was junk caught my eye. It said that I won a giveaway. So I checked it quickly and found out I won some cool shoes for Elliot!! I couldn't believe I almost deleted that email and lost out on the shoes.

So....these are the shoes I picked for Elliot. I think they are sooo cute.

I can't wait to get them!!

And just because...some pics of my little guy!

Watching TV (I know, bad Mommy)

Socks are YUMMY!

Such a happy boy.
Elliot's top teeth...

Elliot's bottom teeth.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Guess what I did this weekend??? Spent way too much money...on Elliot. We went clothes shopping for Elliot to get some stuff for now (we don't have enough clothes that he can wear now without having to do laundry his laundry every 4 days, UGH) and the next size up. This kid should be set until he needs summer clothes. I AM NOT BUYING ANYMORE CLOTHES.

Except pj's. I didn't get enough pj's. I am a pj lover, how did I not get enough pj's???? He only has 6 pairs for 9-12 and 5 for 12-18. Not even a week's worth. That is not enough, especially if he leaks and needs to be changed during the night. But I will probably go in search of some used ones. Later, maybe next month. The thought of spending another penny on baby clothes makes me want to crawl into a whole. I don't want to spend another penny on ANYTHING. I don't want to balance my checkbook. I think all my extra money is gone.

Plus, Tony was supposed to buy and he didn't. He did give me $50 and spent $50, but he told me Saturday that he was going to buy it all because I paid for the last shopping excursion ($175) for the 9-12 month clothes. Ok, doing the math....I still spent $170 this time??? How the hell did that happen????

Now, I am upset. This is why he took Elliot out of the store to feed him and conveniently got back just after I paid. He owes me!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Word

Elliot said his first word this evening. He crawled to my feet, looked up and said "Mama." I was so surprised and asked "Did you just say mama?" and he did it again!!! I picked him up, did a little happy dance and yelled "You said Mama!!" He looked at me like, what's the deal lady? LOL!

I wish I could get it on camera. Hearing that little word come out of his mouth is sooooo cute!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Teeth in Two Days

Someday I'll learn that I know nothing about teething. I don't know the signs half the time and my guesses are totally off. I didn't think that last top tooth we could barely see was coming for awhile. However, I discovered tonight that it came through sometime today. WTH??? That's 2 teeth in the last 2 days. This time I really think that's it for awhile, but who knows. I can't get a good look at his bottom gums to see if there is anything else there.

So that's 6 teeth in all, 2 on bottom, 4 on top. I can't wait until they are all the way in and he has that cute toothy grin. I do miss the gummy smiles, but am excited for the next stage of cuteness!!!

Oh, and I broke my wireless mouse. Dropped it in some water and now the roller doesn't work. I hate having to click the side bar and drag it down to see the rest of the page. Now off to order a new mouse. This is will be my 3rd one in a year.


I am thankful for holidays. They give me extra time with Elliot. I always miss him so much while I am at work. The weekends always seem to fly right by. I am so happy to have today with him too. (Plus only 4 days at work this week isn't bad either!)

Yesterday was awful. Probably one of our worst days yet. Elliot had been up most of the night because his next tooth was coming through. That crazy middle one made it's break. YAY! But that meant both Tony and I got little sleep. Not good since we have both been sick. So we spent the day alternating naps, both napping when Elliot did, waiting for the internet guy (ours hasn't been working) and trying not to get Elliot sick. I think we succeeded in that.

So far, today has been better. Elliot is enjoying a breakfast of toast and bananas and I am having toast and coffee. Then we will both take a little morning nap (that darn dog snored in my ear all night so I am still a little tired) and who knows what we will do today. Just being able to spend it with Elliot instead of at work is good enough for me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Been Skipped.

Tooth #4 FINALLY broke through. But it isn't his other top middle tooth like I expected. It's the one next to that. So Elliot will have a big space between 2 teeth until that crazy middle one, that's taking it's own sweet time, comes through.

I have been looking at 2 other teeth, just on the brink of arrival, for weeks now. I just wish they would come through so we could all go back to nights full of sleep.

Why do these things take so long??