Monday, September 21, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Guess what I did this weekend??? Spent way too much money...on Elliot. We went clothes shopping for Elliot to get some stuff for now (we don't have enough clothes that he can wear now without having to do laundry his laundry every 4 days, UGH) and the next size up. This kid should be set until he needs summer clothes. I AM NOT BUYING ANYMORE CLOTHES.

Except pj's. I didn't get enough pj's. I am a pj lover, how did I not get enough pj's???? He only has 6 pairs for 9-12 and 5 for 12-18. Not even a week's worth. That is not enough, especially if he leaks and needs to be changed during the night. But I will probably go in search of some used ones. Later, maybe next month. The thought of spending another penny on baby clothes makes me want to crawl into a whole. I don't want to spend another penny on ANYTHING. I don't want to balance my checkbook. I think all my extra money is gone.

Plus, Tony was supposed to buy and he didn't. He did give me $50 and spent $50, but he told me Saturday that he was going to buy it all because I paid for the last shopping excursion ($175) for the 9-12 month clothes. Ok, doing the math....I still spent $170 this time??? How the hell did that happen????

Now, I am upset. This is why he took Elliot out of the store to feed him and conveniently got back just after I paid. He owes me!!!!!!!!

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