Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm such an inconsistent blogger these days. In fact, it's been MONTHS since I've blogged, weeks since I've read the blogs I love and used to read every day. Things are just so busy and time gets away from me.

So updates:

Elliot: Is 2.5 years old. ALREADY?? Got his first REAL haircut and looks so much older. Can hold a conversation now, loves his little brother to death (and calls him Chubba Chubbas if you ask what his little brother's name is), has not lost his love for big trucks, airplanes, his puppy or mac and cheese, has lost his love for Yo Gabba Gabba (YAY!) and just about all food. He has found new love in Team Umi Zoomi, Dora and Diego and Mickey Mouse, oatmeal, Nutella sandwiches (chocolate sandwiches he calls them), and swinging on the big kid swing. He's a little clown, always running, jumping and laughing.

He is mostly well behaved, but when he isn't it's downright UGLY. He gives the best hugs and kisses. And no matter how old he gets he's still my baby!

Cole: Is 9 months old. ALREADY, again??? He thinks his big brother is just the coolest kid on earth and his dogs are the funniest things. He is my Jack of All Trades - Master of None kid. He can speed army crawl across the floor but hasn't quite grasped the hands and knees crawl. He can stand a few seconds on his own, but then tries to lunge himself forward thinking he can walk...he can't. He can take steps when holding onto fingers and gets mad he falls after letting go. He can shovel food into his mouth with his hands, hold his bottle, but not a cup and mimic peoples sounds so well. He's Mr. Serious, takes everything in and gets mad when things do go his way exactly.

His reflux is under control and we are starting the weaning process of his meds...I hope it works!! He's a little Chub Nubbers and I love him!!

Elvis: Seems to be having more frequent seizures :( But he's fat, lazy and least when P is bugging him.

Priscilla: Has a luxating patella, is starting dog school next month ($100 she's the only one that doesn't graduate) and is still crazy and annoying.

In other news...I have started a little business selling my crocheted creations. I have found a love in making things, especially hats. So head on over to Facebook and like my page. Then order something...I ship!!

I leave you with a precious photo of my little guys...taken by Yes M'AM Photography