Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elvis Swims

The first summer we had Elvis a number of people told us that pugs don't/can't swim. Apparently, their small, condensed bodies make staying afloat almost impossible. So, we simply tried to get him into the water. It took some coaxing, but eventually he went up to the top of his legs, then to his chest. He loved to bound on the shoreline, making huge splashes while trying to eat them.

The second summer, he went a little deeper and his feet actually came up off the bottom. Not for long, though, maybe just a couple of doggy paddles and he was back where he could touch. By the end of summer, he would actually go after a stick (if it was close) but he loved the water and we couldn't drive by a lake without him whining to go "swimming".

This is his third summer and I am proud to say MY pug can swim. Take that all you pug owners who said it couldn't happen. Maybe you just need to be supportive and encouraging to your puggy. Elvis has surprised us by how far he will go, especially for a wonderful stick!

Now, if we could only figure out how to get him to fetch a stick on land. Hmmmmm.

6 Months

Don't believe my Lilypie ticker on the side.

Today Elliot is 6 months old. I can't believe how quickly the last six months have gone by considering the nine months of pregnancy seemed to last forever.

Happy half birthday, froggy baby! Mommy loves you so much!

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Car Seat

I can't believe how excited I am over a car seat. I purchased a Britax Roundabout 50 because I have space issues in my Suzuki SX4 Crossover. The Britaxes allow for the front seat, not only to touch, but to brace the seat. Unfortunately, I don't live near any stores that allow you to take a seat out of the store to test. So, I purchased one in hopes that it would fit or I would send it back and try another. Well, it fit perfectly. I got such a great install testing it that I decided to not put the bucket back in. It is so soft, I almost want one for myself :)

I think Elliot likes the seat too.


I just started and I already have my first follower. Thank you!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adventures at the Beach

Elliot had his first trip to our local beach on Friday. I think he was a bit confused about the sand at first. He just kept pushing it with foot. He tested out the water and although it was a bit colder than his bath he really seemed to enjoy it. Then back to the sand. This time he was fascinated by it. He kept running his hands through the sand. He also tried to eat his pail and shovel. After a picnic lunch (a bottle on a blanket) it was nap time. The little guy tired himself right out. What a fun time!
What is this stuff?

First you have to check the water temp with your toes.

Ok, it's warm enough, I'll sit.

A shiny red pail.

The Beginning


Elvis was born 12.28.06. He came to live with us on 2.22.07. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. So full of personality.


Elliot was born 12.31.08 at 8:56pm, 3 hours and 4 minutes before his mommy's 33rd birthday. (Guess he didn't want to share his birthday with me!) He weighted 6 lbs. 15.75 oz. and was 19 3/8 inches long.