Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm such an inconsistent blogger these days. In fact, it's been MONTHS since I've blogged, weeks since I've read the blogs I love and used to read every day. Things are just so busy and time gets away from me.

So updates:

Elliot: Is 2.5 years old. ALREADY?? Got his first REAL haircut and looks so much older. Can hold a conversation now, loves his little brother to death (and calls him Chubba Chubbas if you ask what his little brother's name is), has not lost his love for big trucks, airplanes, his puppy or mac and cheese, has lost his love for Yo Gabba Gabba (YAY!) and just about all food. He has found new love in Team Umi Zoomi, Dora and Diego and Mickey Mouse, oatmeal, Nutella sandwiches (chocolate sandwiches he calls them), and swinging on the big kid swing. He's a little clown, always running, jumping and laughing.

He is mostly well behaved, but when he isn't it's downright UGLY. He gives the best hugs and kisses. And no matter how old he gets he's still my baby!

Cole: Is 9 months old. ALREADY, again??? He thinks his big brother is just the coolest kid on earth and his dogs are the funniest things. He is my Jack of All Trades - Master of None kid. He can speed army crawl across the floor but hasn't quite grasped the hands and knees crawl. He can stand a few seconds on his own, but then tries to lunge himself forward thinking he can walk...he can't. He can take steps when holding onto fingers and gets mad he falls after letting go. He can shovel food into his mouth with his hands, hold his bottle, but not a cup and mimic peoples sounds so well. He's Mr. Serious, takes everything in and gets mad when things do go his way exactly.

His reflux is under control and we are starting the weaning process of his meds...I hope it works!! He's a little Chub Nubbers and I love him!!

Elvis: Seems to be having more frequent seizures :( But he's fat, lazy and least when P is bugging him.

Priscilla: Has a luxating patella, is starting dog school next month ($100 she's the only one that doesn't graduate) and is still crazy and annoying.

In other news...I have started a little business selling my crocheted creations. I have found a love in making things, especially hats. So head on over to Facebook and like my page. Then order something...I ship!!

I leave you with a precious photo of my little guys...taken by Yes M'AM Photography

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter, Winter, Go Away

I am so tired of winter. We are ALL so tired of winter. After 2 snowstorms just 3 days apart our front yard had so much snow that it went up to the top of the fence. Not really conducive to playing outside. Then the temps dropped to way below 0 for days.

The last couple of days were beautiful, almost 50 degrees, highly unheard of in February in the frozen nothern Adirondacks. It was a spring tease, but I made the most of it and got out for a walk with the boys. The sun was shining and, even though it was super windy, we all enjoyed the fresh air.

You would think that after living here my whole life, minus one year spent in NC, I would be used to how long and cold our winters are, but I'm not. I never will be. I hate them. HATE THEM!!! I long to live where it's warm enough for a light jacket or sweater in the winter. Where, if it snows, it's not often, much or stays around long.

I'm tired of giant snowbanks making it difficult to get out of my driveway without near collisions everyday for months, tired of bundling up the kids just to go to a store because it's frigid, tired of waiting for spring and summer, that are so short it's almost like they never came.

Time to start some serious work on the hubby to go south, or west, or anywhere.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well Check Updates

The boys had their well check visits on Wednesday, Elliot's 2 yr and Cole's 4 month.

Elliot's stats

30 lbs

35.5 inches

Cole's stats

16 lbs 3 oz

26.75 inches

Cole gained 2 lbs in a month so it was no wonder his Zantac dosage suddenly stopped working. We've upped his dosage and hoping in a couple more days things will be back to normal. Of course he's been sick since his appointment...maybe a reaction to his shots? Mostly some real nasty diapers (diarhea) and a little vomitting (definitely NOT spit up). What fun :/

Elliot is just wild and crazy. He only needed a flu shot and that certainly wasn't going to slow him down. He's saying more full sentences like "You make me mad."...yeah, that was a nice one! I wouldn't let him continue to play in the ground pepper he spilled everywhere so I could clean it up and that's what he yelled at me. In true Mom of the Year fashion I replied with "Yeah? Well you make me mad go over there so I can sweep." So he stomped his foot and SCREAMED! Ah....2 year olds.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time Goes by so Quickly

I don't know where it goes, but it's only here for a fleeting second. It seems that by the time I get home from work, have dinner, play with the boys is bedtime. First for them and then before I can blink for me. And the day is gone. So quickly. I hate it.
So, it leaves little time for blogging.

Elliot is now 2 years old, Cole is 4 months. How the hell did THAT happen??

Christmas was good but hectic. I think we need a new strategy for Christmas because we need time for ourselves. It was rush, rush, rush in the morning, drive to my sister's an hour away, back home after only 2 hours there, an hour for us and back out the door to my brother in laws and home to bed. It's no fun for us or the kids. So, starting next year I plan to alternate years with each side. This way we can spend quality time with a few than just a little time with all. AND we get some time for our little family, just us, to enjoy unwrapping presents and playing.

Elliot's birthday went well and his party was good. My monkey cupcakes were a hit. What cupcakes you say?? Well, I had a brilliant idea that instead of spending $50 on a cake I would spend a few dollars and make cupcakes. I was in the baking aisle of my local grocery store when I spotted the CUTEST monkey cupcake liners and thought "I should make monkey cupcakes."

Well, I did. I spent the majority of MY birthday making those cupcakes for Elliot's party.

I think they were pretty good. I'm super proud of myself and just might have to do it for Cole's first birthday, although maybe not monkeys, but something fun!!

So now I leave you so I can head to bed. I hope that for 2011 I can do better on the blogging front.

Pics of my monkeys...
Cute liners

Step 2 (baking was step 1) ~ Body

Step 3 ~ Faces and ears

Step 4 ~ Eyes and mouths

Close Up