Friday, January 21, 2011

Well Check Updates

The boys had their well check visits on Wednesday, Elliot's 2 yr and Cole's 4 month.

Elliot's stats

30 lbs

35.5 inches

Cole's stats

16 lbs 3 oz

26.75 inches

Cole gained 2 lbs in a month so it was no wonder his Zantac dosage suddenly stopped working. We've upped his dosage and hoping in a couple more days things will be back to normal. Of course he's been sick since his appointment...maybe a reaction to his shots? Mostly some real nasty diapers (diarhea) and a little vomitting (definitely NOT spit up). What fun :/

Elliot is just wild and crazy. He only needed a flu shot and that certainly wasn't going to slow him down. He's saying more full sentences like "You make me mad."...yeah, that was a nice one! I wouldn't let him continue to play in the ground pepper he spilled everywhere so I could clean it up and that's what he yelled at me. In true Mom of the Year fashion I replied with "Yeah? Well you make me mad go over there so I can sweep." So he stomped his foot and SCREAMED! Ah....2 year olds.

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