Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elvis Swims

The first summer we had Elvis a number of people told us that pugs don't/can't swim. Apparently, their small, condensed bodies make staying afloat almost impossible. So, we simply tried to get him into the water. It took some coaxing, but eventually he went up to the top of his legs, then to his chest. He loved to bound on the shoreline, making huge splashes while trying to eat them.

The second summer, he went a little deeper and his feet actually came up off the bottom. Not for long, though, maybe just a couple of doggy paddles and he was back where he could touch. By the end of summer, he would actually go after a stick (if it was close) but he loved the water and we couldn't drive by a lake without him whining to go "swimming".

This is his third summer and I am proud to say MY pug can swim. Take that all you pug owners who said it couldn't happen. Maybe you just need to be supportive and encouraging to your puggy. Elvis has surprised us by how far he will go, especially for a wonderful stick!

Now, if we could only figure out how to get him to fetch a stick on land. Hmmmmm.

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