Thursday, September 24, 2009


I won a blog giveaway for Elliot!!! Because of this fabulous person, who decided to share how she kept winning some awesome stuff with her blog Mommy Loves Giveaways, I found Baby Loving Mama.

This wonderful person had a giveaway for Pediped shoes. I entered, thinking nothing of it after. While checking my email today I was deleting a bunch of junk. One email I clicked to delete that I thought was junk caught my eye. It said that I won a giveaway. So I checked it quickly and found out I won some cool shoes for Elliot!! I couldn't believe I almost deleted that email and lost out on the shoes.

So....these are the shoes I picked for Elliot. I think they are sooo cute.

I can't wait to get them!!

And just because...some pics of my little guy!

Watching TV (I know, bad Mommy)

Socks are YUMMY!

Such a happy boy.
Elliot's top teeth...

Elliot's bottom teeth.


  1. Congrats! I always enter, but never win! Hope he enjoys the shoes...they are cute! How many teeth does he have? What a cutie!

  2. oooh that's so exciting to win!!! congrats! love the pictures. those cheeks are too cute!

  3. He has 6 teeth now, 2 on bottom and 4 on top. The top ones are all at different stages so he looks pretty funny when he smiles! (You can't tell from the pic)

  4. Congratulations on winning for your adorable baby!

  5. YAY! I enter so many giveaways but have only actually won one. Congrats!