Monday, September 7, 2009


I am thankful for holidays. They give me extra time with Elliot. I always miss him so much while I am at work. The weekends always seem to fly right by. I am so happy to have today with him too. (Plus only 4 days at work this week isn't bad either!)

Yesterday was awful. Probably one of our worst days yet. Elliot had been up most of the night because his next tooth was coming through. That crazy middle one made it's break. YAY! But that meant both Tony and I got little sleep. Not good since we have both been sick. So we spent the day alternating naps, both napping when Elliot did, waiting for the internet guy (ours hasn't been working) and trying not to get Elliot sick. I think we succeeded in that.

So far, today has been better. Elliot is enjoying a breakfast of toast and bananas and I am having toast and coffee. Then we will both take a little morning nap (that darn dog snored in my ear all night so I am still a little tired) and who knows what we will do today. Just being able to spend it with Elliot instead of at work is good enough for me.

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