Sunday, August 2, 2009


I did it. I waited as long as I could. It was a milestone I didn't want to hit.

I had to move the mattress in Elliot's crib down.

When I went to get him from his morning nap he was sitting up trying to stand and I knew it was time. I kept saying, "I'll do it next weekend." Well, it's next weekend :( I makes me kind of sad, like my little baby is growing up. So, now he is in what we are affectionately refering to as "Baby Jail". Well, because he looks like he's in jail. I have to put the bumper back on.

So after dropping the mattress I have decided I want to rearrange Elliot's room. It's not a very big room so there isn't much in it, but I don't like the set up anymore.

Elliot is standing these days, only while holding something, but still. He just started crawling less than a week ago and now is trying his hardest to stand and walk.

See these yummy looking cupcakes? They taste even better than they look, if that's possible. A girl I went to school with makes them and sells them at various Farmer's Markets in the area. There are all kinds of flavors, Peanut Butter Cup, Creamsicle, S'mores, The "Hostess" (that would be the missing one -my treat after a day of cleaning!-and the one above it!) and more. I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all. If I keep heading to the Farmer's Market, I'm going to weight more than I did when I gave birth to Elliot!


  1. omg i love cupcakes. SO much. and sorry about the new milestone. it's sad they are growing up.

  2. Those look soooo good! We have a place in town called the Cupcakery. You should google it and take a look at these cupcakes they make. They are the best tasting cupcakes I've ever had... and they are like works of art.

  3. Wow crawling already! Mine doesn't seem very interested yet.

  4. He looks so cute standing up like that! It goes so fast...