Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With the Good You Get the Bad

This weekend was a mix of things. Saturday, Elliot, Elvis and I headed out to a flea market about a half hour away with my sister and mother. It was hot. I usually don't complain about the heat especially since this summer has been cold and rainy, BUT....the dog was super hot and wanted to be carried (yah, it's like having another baby!) and Elliot was hot in his stroller and got really cranky. Our 2 other companions seemed to move at the speed of a turtle. I know I always go faster than most people, but really...must you look at every little trinket from every old lady??? Luckily I drove separately because at one point Elliot just started crying and screaming and Elvis planted his feet and wouldn't go any further, so I took them to the car and headed home.

That afternoon, after Daddy joined the waking world, we all went to Uncle Paul's and played in the pool for awhile. Because Elliot's room was so hot, he never took a good nap. He zonked out at 7pm. I knew I was in for an early morning so I went to bed early, but tossed and turned until midnight, then the dog woke me every half hour. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep.

Sunday came at 5am with a SCREAMING baby. He cried until 6:30. Nothing worked to stop his crying for longer than 5 minutes, he wouldn't eat, wouldn't play. He was so loud I think he may have waken the entire neighborhood. Not sure if that top tooth that's coming in was bothering him or what. Finally at 6:30 he ate and was fine. It was like he never shed a tear. He took his morning nap and we headed off to the beach. Lots of dirt was eaten and fun was had. Again his room was hot so his afternoon nap was short, very short. So off to Uncle Paul's pool again. Everyone cooled off and was much happier.

Then Monday came and the fun was over. Back to work. Blech. Which is where I am this fine Tuesday morning, so I will have to update with pics when I get home!

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  1. awww... poor hot baby. I always want to drive separate for stuff because I like having an escape plan.