Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Dog Ate It

No, not my homework, he ate my lunch. I went to switch over some laundry and Tony was at the table with Elliot. He got up for one second and Elvis took the opportunity to get up on the chair and steal the half of my sandwich that was left. And he didn't even do it well. He ate bread, lettuce and only some of the wonderful Boar's Head turkey. Look dog, if you are going to steal my sandwich so I can't eat it, you'd better not waste that expensive meat!!

That was only part of my terrific day. Elliot got up early, I spilled an entire mug of hot coffee on myself and the kitchen floor at 6am, Tony put the coffee covered clothes into the dryer on high heat without telling me and set the stain into my favorite summer pjs, my lunch got eaten, Elliot wouldn't nap all day and screamed if I tried to put him down. I'm exhausted, didn't get to nap and was so hoping for a nap today, and will probably not stay up long enough to watch the chick flick I got for tonight once Tony was at work and Elliot was in bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

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