Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm So Sad

I had a fantastic day with both my boys. The weather was terrific, sunny and hot, so after Elliot's morning nap I packed everyone up and we went swimming. Elvis just loves to swim. Then we went to visit Grandma B (my mom) at her office and made the rounds. After some loving (for both) and biscuits for Elvis, we took a walk down Main St. and went to Elvis's favorite store. It's a pet boutique and they sell the cutest stuff. After some more loving and biscuits (it was all about Elvis here) we headed back to the car.

Then it was lunch time, play time and nap time (for Elliot and Elvis). I used that time to install a convertible car seat in Tony's truck. (No more infant seat, it's bittersweet.) Then Elliot got up, we had some more playtime, dinner and took Elvis out for his evening exercise.

Back home, more playtime, bottle, book and off to bed. Then I made some asparagus for Elliot, cleaned the kitchen, straightened up the living room and dining room and now it's time for bed for me.

How I wish I could do it all over again tomorrow, but I must go to work. I am so sad thinking about it. At least there's only 3 more days until the weekend!

And just because.....

Elliot's toys...

What he would rather play with...

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