Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clothes and Toys

I went shopping for Elliot yesterday. I found a Carter's about 1.5 hours away, knew they were having a good sale (50% off almost everything) and had a coupon. So I headed on a little road trip to buy, what I hope, will be Elliot's fall/winter wardrobe. Now that I have time to sit and think about it, I'm not sure it will last until spring. IF he can were his 6-9 month clothes a couple more months we might be good. But that means he can't do much growing in that time. Or he has to grow slow between until spring because I only bought 12 month stuff. I think I should have gotten some 18 month stuff too. I put a 9 month Carter outfit on him and it fit perfectly. Crap. This kid is costing us too much money in clothes! On the plus side, I don't buy a ton of clothes just for this reason. He doesn't wear them long enough so I try to get as much wear out of the ones we have.

Looks like clothes will be on his Christmas and birthday lists!

While there I discovered that there was a Toys R Us just down the road. Poor Elliot, he doesn't have much for toys. Mostly because I refused to buy any until he was interested. So he has just a few toys and was becoming bored. So I went and bought a few things. This is his favorite right now. He played with it in the cart the whole time. Although I'm sure it won't make him stop coming after mommy's laptop.

I was finally able to find the Nuby sippy cups. They have come highly recommended as a beginning sippy. I have tried so many others and Elliot is not the least bit interested...until these. He is actually trying to drink from them. He just needs to figure out that he has to tip the cup up and he'll have it!

I also found one of the toys I wanted to get him for Christmas. It was the cheapest price I've seen it at too. In fact, everything I looked at was cheaper there. I am quite shocked because my experience with Toys R Us is that everything is usually more expensive. So this is what I got. I figure it can replace his jumperoo when he gets too big for it. He loves to bounce!

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  1. thanks for sharing. I want to know how he like the zebra and i've been eyeing that laptop but haven't bought it yet.