Sunday, October 25, 2009


I swear I made this post already, but somehow it never made it to the blog.

We did take Elliot and Elvis out to a pumpkin patch on Columbus Day. It was a little during the wagon ride, but Elliot loved the bumpy ride. He bounced right along with the wagon and "sang" the whole time. Elvis, however, wasn't quite as thrilled about all the bumps. He hid between Daddy's legs.
Elliot thought the pumpkins were sooo cool. And Daddy, who wasn't too happy about going to begin with, went on a search to find THE perfect Elliot-sized pumpkin. I kept hearing him yell from the patch "I found it! No, that's not it." Until he finally found it and came running back (yes-running) yelling, "This is it! This is the one!" It was rather cute.

Mommy, the kids and the pumpkins

Daddy, the kids and the pumpkins

Elliot with his favorite big pumpkin

Daddy on the hunt

Family Pic - our only one

Scaredy pug

Elliot with his Elliot-sized pumpkin

It has a curly "tail" just like Elvis!

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