Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Came and Went

Without much of a fuss even. Each year I am amazed at how fast Christmas is over. You would think that at almost 34 I would be used to it, well I am not. It's always sad when it's time to take down the decorations (I usually do it around New Year's). We didn't do much this year. It seemed like there was always someone sick. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was my turn. YUCK!

So I watched Christmas movies with scenes of fabulous holiday parties and now my plan is to someday own a big house where I can host a big Christmas party. Wouldn't that be so much fun!!??

Elliot wasn't real interested in opening gifts, but he sure did love some of them! His big Tonka dump truck and Fisher Price basketball hoop were among the most popular to him. I love his Scout and I think, in time he will too!! I got a new camera (well, it was an early present, Tony gave it to me in the beginning of December) and I love it. I got some sweaters, books and pj's. Tony got new dishes, a remote car starter, satellite radio in his truck (an early present from me and I pay for yearly) and lots of Yankee stuff. And Elvis got a Loofa Dog that's about twice the size of him...he loves his Loofas!
Some pics of the day...

Christmas Eve

With 1 of 3 riding toys
In Daddy's Yankee Wastebasket
Among his "a few" new things (that caterpillar in the background is awesome too!)
Elvis with his giant dog.
With his Tonka truck

Showing his cousin how to use the basketball hoop

They were waiting for the food to come out.

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