Monday, March 29, 2010

Elliot has decided to take up golf....or maybe he's looking for a career as a caddy!
We've had some crazy weather lately, some days are very spring like then winter comes back and it is cold and snowy. This weekend is supposed to be in the 70's. Highly unusual for Upstate NY this time of year. We plan to make the most of it!!
Elliot has been a terrible eater lately. Pretty much no fruits or veggies, although this has been a problem since we moved away from baby food. Plus he's been going through the "I will only eat mac n cheese today" stage. Of course the food changes each day. His usual favorites are best left to the dog...or thrown at him. Needless to say, Elvis has gained some weight lately and will need a diet and extra exercise.
I can hardly believe that I am 16 weeks pregnant and in 2 weeks we should be able to learn the sex of the baby. I have a strong feeling it's another boy, Tony feels it's a girl. One of us is going to be right, the question is which one??!!


  1. At least you have a dog to clean up the mess. Grayson throws food to let me know he's finished. Then I clean it up and somehow he always tries to eat something I missed days later.

  2. He is so cute!!!! And taking right after Daddy! P.S. I hope it's a girl!