Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Cold???

You don't know what snow and cold is when it's 25 degrees and you have a couple of inches.

I was watching the Weather Channel this morning and there was a story about the weather in Raleigh, NC. I took interest because my brother lives in that area. I lived there for almost a year once, I get that a couple of inches can reak havoc on their world. But stop whining it's cold. I live in one of the coldest areas in the country. It was -24 degrees last night...25 degrees colder than the Weather Channel reported for Raleigh. And 2 inches of snow is a dusting....we can get many, many feet here. Not that we have it right now, just a couple of feet maybe (we had rain last week and it melted lots of snow---YAY!) I do laugh at my brother each year when they get snow....he just can't seem to get away from it!

On another note, I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday. Got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Everything looks good and the heart rate was 124 bpm. And I think it's another boy. I woke up yesterday morning thinking it was a boy. I'm not sure why, I just do. Tony really, really wants a girl so I hope I'm wrong.


  1. yay for you! i can't believe how many of the december mamas are pregnant again.

  2. Thanks! There does seem to be an awful lot of us, doesn't there? It's crazy the number I see (and from Jan 09) that are in my Sept. 10 group.