Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Crazy Day

Today we had a visit from another pug. A neighbor came over thinking our pug got out and was following her around. It wasn't ours, Elvis was hanging out on the couch with Daddy and Elliot. It was an older pug and very friendly. He just wandered into the house like it was his. He and Elliot played a bit then the neighbor tried to take the pug back to her house to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, the pug headed in the opposite direction towards a busy intersection. We decided it was best to put him in our fenced in backyard.

We called the local police (they contact the animal control guy) to tell them we had this lost pug. Since the animal control officer was off today, 2 of the local police came to get the pug. We hope they find his home but if not either a friend of ours, or we, will take the pug. Poor little fella.

Then Elliot and I headed off to pick up his 6 month pictures (it's an hour trip). We did a little shopping (got a new cup, new toys, some pj's and socks and a couple of things for me), ran into his aunt, uncle and cousins, picked up his pics (where I totally got suckered into buying extras-not my fault, they used my favorite pose) and headed back home.

Once we were back in town, we stopped off at a friend's 40th birthday party. Elliot got to see his friend Emma (our friend's 5 month old daughter) again, saw some other friends and met lots of new people. He was already a tuckered little guy, but was all smiles for everyone. We stayed awhile, but it was hot and loud. We were both so tired, it was time to head home to bed (for Elliot anyway).

Elliot's favorite part of the day? Getting his new Little Tikes Hammer and little Rintoo (from Ni Hao, Kai- Lan). Mommy's favorite part of the day?? Right now...I'm going to bed :)

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