Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, What a Day

Elvis has been having an eye issue on and off the past couple of weeks. His right eye gets very runny (it's brownish and has stained some clothes) and seems to be very sensitive to light so he keeps it closed alot. He rubs at it constantly and it seems to swell in the evening.

We shrugged it off as allergies since it kept going away and seem to come back after he spent long periods of time outside. It was really bad today and we decided that we needed to take him to the vet. Since our regular vet doesn't seem comfortable dealing with pug eye issues, we decided to take him to another vet that we know deals with a number of pugs. Here's how that went:

We got there for our appointment at 4:20. Surprisingly we didn't need to wait long. A vet tech comes and gets us, then takes Elvis to be weighed (he's a hefty 25 lbs-chubby little pug!). She brought him back and wrote (on a piece of scrap paper) what we told her about his eye. She left to get the vet.

The vet comes in. Feels Elvis's neck and looks at both eyes quickly. Vet decides to do a stain on Elvis's eye to see if there was a scratch. Used an ultraviolet light to scratch. Vet then tells us he is going to give us steriod eyedrops to use 2 times a day (loads of fun because it takes at least 2 people to hold down this dog). We ask what he thinks the problem might be. He answers "I don't know. Use the drops and can you call me if they aren't working after a few days?"

WTF???? You want me to put steriods in my dog's eye, but you don't know why we need to?

We ask if he thinks it's allergies and other than paying for very expensive tests (since it has been determined in the past that Elvis DOES have allergies) what can we do to help him. Lots of "ums" later he tells us that we can give him benedryl (ok, we know that) and could always keep using the steriods (prolonged use of steriod drops will cause steriods to enter his blood stream).

So we got the drops, paid the bill, left with virtually no answers and a pug who still can't keep his right eye open for long.

Back at home, we have a very cranky baby. Elliot has decided that naps aren't his thing lately. Tony (my husband) thinks it's because he has had to work (he's a bartender) for the last 9 nights and could really use the naps, that Elliot refuses to sleep during the day. The only time I could put Elliot down was to feed him his veggies. Other than that he whined and cried if I didn't hold him. So we watched a little Max & Ruby (I don't know why, but he laughs through the whole show), then Elliot had a bottle. Both Elliot and I were sound asleep on the couch, when someone knocked and just came in, waking us both up. UGH :(

And now, some idiot in the neighborhood is setting off fireworks making my dog bark. Elliot just fell back to sleep and I really hope the barking doesn't wake him. I'll never get him back to sleep again.

I hope this isn't a sign of what is to come for my 3 day weekend.

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