Monday, July 20, 2009

Ring Sling

I have tried all kinds of carriers. Either Elliot was uncomfortable, I was or we both were. Some wonderful ladies on Babycenter told me about the ring fact one of them makes them. So I bought one. It is the most amazing thing ever!! Just a piece of fabric, so easy to put on and put Elliot in. He loves it. We used it all Saturday afternoon and it was like my 18 pound baby weighted about 5. If only I had known about them 6 months ago.

Here we are with the sling and although you can't see it in this pic (I'll have to get a better one) there is a cute pocket on it. Great for keys, phone, wallet.
Please don't look at me, only the baby in the sling...NOT a good photo day!

To get this sling or one like it, visit Indie Sunshine and tell her Kristin sent you!
Thank you again, Melissa!

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