Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Pools and Car Seats

We finally had a nice, sunny, warm day. They seem to be few and far between this summer. I decided to sneak out of work early today. Well, not sneak as much as just walk out the front door, I was the only one left at work. Everyone else had already gone home early.

I took Elliot out to use his baby pool for the first time. (Crappy summer.) He loved splashing around...I think I might have a water baby. Elvis joined him for a bit also.

Then I headed off to our local car seat check to get my install of his convertible checked. I got rave reviews and was told they couldn't have done it better. They couldn't move that seat at all and boy did they try. Thanks BBC Car Seat Board ladies. I learned so much from all of you!

A couple of pics from today.

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  1. Hi Kristin! Thanks for leaving a comment today. Just needed to let you know that we also have a pug who my kiddos love...her name is Sierra!! :) We're pug lovers in this home!