Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Day at the Beach~Pic Heavy

Well, actually just a couple of hours this morning. We had some sunshine this morning so when Elliot got up from his nap we headed out to the beach. He ate some sand, tore down my sandcastles, played in the water and laughed hysterically at the other kids in the lake. All they did was look at him or run in the water. Who knows why babies laugh at things?? Here are some pics from our day.
Just before I took this they were both chewing on something. I thought it was funny, grabbed the camera and as I was taking the picture Elliot took the beads out of his mouth. Bummer, but they are still both too cute and I love getting pics with them both in it.
And just to share...I love this onesie!


  1. awesome pictures. did you find sand EVERYWHERE when you got home?

  2. Thanks. I certainly did find it EVERYWHERE!!!! I had to give him a bath because he had sand in every knook and cranny. But he had so much fun and that's what matters!

  3. We took Isaiah to the beach last weekend, for the first time. He loves to eat sand too! I wish we lived closer, we would be there every weekend. Cute pictures!!